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Does anyone have a way to rotate walls off of the ground plane, or to have walls without a flat base? I have tried it in groups and symbols, but to no avail. We are trying to accomplish a rather intricate building model where the some walls are rotated 6 degrees off of ground plane.

Your help is much appreciated.

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Walls by definition are vertical and must have a bottom edge that is a straight line. The line does not have to be horizontal - it can slope upward or downward - but it cannot have two segments (ie. a wall sitting on the ridge of the roof, climbing up one side, then going down the other.

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well that's not necessarily true. A wall peak can be added to either the top or bottom of a wall, at least that's the case in VW 9. Walls need to be drawn in top/plan view. Once placed in plan switch to 3D, probably an elevation view like front, then use the 3D Reshape tool to add peaks (vertices) to either the top or bottom. To simply slant the top or bottom the tool can be used to drag the corners. Email me if you need help. Have fun.

Geoff Briggs

I & I Design


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