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Hello guys,

I started using the subdivision tools and I think it is great! 

I have created a "simple" subdivision object (in green) with some waves and now I would like to section it every ie 100mm (like the brown one). I used to know how to do it in Rhino but I am sure it is possible in VW as well but I cannot find how! 

Any idea on how to do this?


Screenshot 2020-12-10 at 17.19.41.png

Screenshot 2020-12-10 at 17.20.03.png

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9 hours ago, Gualterino said:

Hi Giulio

if you to convert the Subdivision to a Mesh first, you should be able to as Hans-Olav stated.

That is what I have done here.



Hello Gualterino,

thank you for your suggestion. It worked!! 

now, is there a way to make the mash solid inside like in your picture? because at the moment it has only the outside skin and it is empty inside.

Screenshot 2020-12-17 at 09.04.51.png

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Hi Giulio, 

The reason why you have those openings instead of a closed solid, is because your mesh is overlapping it's self in the corners. I would suggest breaking it up in two parts; use a a extruded polygon for the top section use subdivision for what's underneath. Then, you can convert the Sub to a mesh and do a solid add with the polygon. From this point everything should subtract as expected.

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