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Landscape Area and Eyedropper Tools in v2021

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I finally decided to try out Landmark v2021 on a 2d/3d project I'm working on.  Some of the tools seem to be working pretty well (as compared to v2020), but I'm having an issue with using the Eyedropper tool.  I often like to grab all the attributes from one landscape area to another, especially when it comes to plant varieties and spacing under the "Landscape Area Settings" tab.  I tried it several times, but can't get the plant info to carry over, even though I was able to do this in v2020.   Has anyone else been having problems with this?  

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It looks like it might be a bug in VW2021, but I will let people who actually use Landscape areas on a regular basis help make that decision.


What it looks like is happening to me is that it is trying to transfer the Landscape Area Name. When it does that and realizes that there are multiple landscape areas with the same name it stops transferring any more information.


And, it looks like there is another bug in the work around I was going to suggest also. Landscape Areas use a concept called Styles. You can define the "Style" (which can include the plant information) of a Landscape Area and then apply that style to other Areas. Each parameter of the Landscape area can be assigned by the Style or set to be individually settable for each instance.


This should have let you get what you need just by creating a style. BUT, at least in my quick test, I am not able to save the settings from a new landscape area that has had parameters changed to be a Style. Usually under the Style pulldown there is an option for "New Plug-in Style from Unstyled Plug-in." If you create a new Landscape area the new from unstyled option is there and you can create a new style. If you then edit the style all is well. If however before your create the style you change the plant settings (and probably any other settings as well), the New Style option is no longer present. 


So the best answer I can give you right now is to create a new style, recreate your plant settings and then apply them that way. If you do go this route, make sure that you set the Landscape Area Name to be by Instance instead of By Style or you will end up overwriting the Landscape Area Names.


I know there are a couple of Landmark users who follow me. Can you guys comment on these items please? Are these bugs? Do you know if they have been reported?

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@Pat Stanford Ok, I'm glad I'm not going crazy (in that it isn't just me).  Thank you for looking into it.  This "Styles" thing is new to me, but I was able to create one and was able to apply it to other landscape areas, so that helps a lot!  Of course, I'd like the Eyedropper to work (and think it's a bug), but am glad I don't have to re-enter that exact same plant data for every landscape area that has the same palette.   

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I'm glad Pat is checking into this.


3 hours ago, loretta.at.large said:

... can't get the plant info to carry over, even though I was able to do this in v2020...

I'm new to VW and have intuitively tried this and been disappointed when it didn't work.


Side note@loretta.at.large - looks like you did Donum?

A friend was Assistant WM there for a while - love the landscape design!

Must have been a blast to work with that art collection.

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@hollister design Studio Hopefully we'll get a fix soon.  I've been using VW for 6 years now.  While I like a lot of the upgrades each new version offers, I get frustrated when a tool  that was functional in the past ends up with a bug.


It's nice to have somebody recognize our work on Donum.  Bob Cleaver and I are actually still doing some design work for them even with the new change of guard.  The site planning has been a bit piecemeal (due to factors beyond our control), but it's a fun challenge to figure out how to tie different areas and art together.  It certainly isn't like anything else we've ever worked on.          

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@bgoff  I tried your method of using the "Pickup Mode" and "Bucket Mode" while I have the Landscape Area tool selected.  That method seems to work as well as the method mentioned by Pat, so that's good.  But I would still like to maintain the functionality of eye dropping plants from one landscape area and applying to another.  It was a useful function before, so I don't see why it should go away in the latest version.  The other methods are nice, but definitely not as intuitive.        

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On 12/11/2020 at 4:37 PM, bgoff said:

@loretta.at.large totally understand! I will bring it up in our next development meeting.


This would be good to have/fix. As @Pat Stanford mentioned, it might be the bug is caused by the naming protocol in the eyedropper where it copies the name which interrupts the process. Its definitely easier to have the eyedropper tool also copy the plants rather than create styles.

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