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Landscape Area texture beds "unattached" and won't reattach.

hollister design Studio


I changed the landscape areas to a separate design layer and everything lost it's connection.

texture beds where fine before change.


Landscape area settings:

Display components in 3D' checked

'3D display' set to  'Texture bed on proposed'

'Site Model Layer' set to  'V-SITE '


Site Model Settings:

Site model set to 3D display - 'proposed only'

Site Model Layer set to  'V-SITE '

Site model is on V-Site



I've set and reset each check box and the site model never turns red and never shows "update' in red.




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@hollister design Studio When you go to the OIP and click on "Site Model Settings" and then the "General" tab, what do you have selected in the drop down menu for "Use Site Modifiers on:" ?  Usually it defaults to "Same Layer as Site Modifier" and you have to tell it which layers you want the model to use for site modifiers and texture beds.  So in this instance, you'd either want to select "All Layers" or "Select Layers" and then make sure that the V-SITE and L-PLANTS layers have checkmarks next to them.  

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I am having the same issue on 2021. Even if "Use Site Modifiers on..." layer is selected in site model settings dialogue, no go. I created the file in 2020, and anytime I edit a Landscape Area that was created in 2020, it goes to 0, never to become a texture bed. All newly created LA's in 2021, with settings as described above, same thing - 0.

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I found a fix for this issue.


With the affected landscape area uncheck 'Display the Components in 3D'. Cut the landscape area and paste it right back in. The area is now on the surface of the site model. Recheck 'Display the Components in 3D'.

Edit: Turns out my issue was having the landscape area go all the way to the corner of the site. If I bring it in any amount the landscape area suddenly pops down onto the site surface.

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