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Title Block Field - Radio Button?

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I am wondering if I can have something function similar to a radio button or check box in a title block.  Does anyone have any experience with this?


Basically I am drawing a product.  The product has different field with different variables.  So I am hoping I can somehow create a field that would have "option 1" "option 2" option 3" "option 4" etc to and I can click one of those.  That would then be linked to some geometry on the title block that would fill in a fill color or something similar.


I'm fairly sure there is not a real way to do this in the title block and right now I'm just manually doing this.  However I have been surprised to learn things in the past and would not be totally surprised if someone had a good work around.  Ideally trying to keep everything in the title block to streamline the data on a project. 




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6 minutes ago, MattG said:

No, do you have any resources you can share that might show what you are thinking?


What I am currently doing is not what I am "generally" doing, so I may not be thinking of the best options.



- Here is a sample file. There is the PopupField field in Project data with some sample choices, which is linked to a text in the TBB layout.



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Cool, kind of what I was thinking.  I do use the dropdown in title blocks from time to time, but more what I was looking for was something where I can show existing text and have a check mark or x or something fill in a box like a form based on that selection.  Kind of taking that to a second step.  Almost like conditional formatting in excel.


Basically in the pandemic here we have been pivoting to doing some custom cutting of polycarbonate panels for barriers for buildings.  I have a little drawing template I have made for individual orders.  We offer lets say 6 variants of shield material.  I have the list of 6 items on the side in my title block with currently an open rectangle for a check box (I made this for the guys to take to installs and be able to fill out). When we actually fill that out and I choose item 2 of my 6 variants of shield material I am hoping that I can generate a check or something in that box or link it somehow that way.


Reason being the next step we currently do is hand that to our guys pulling the material and I think visually that helps them if they see it that way.


Any other thoughts?



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You should be able to use the Unicode symbols that are part of your font to find a glyph that is an X or Checkmark that will work for what you want. Worst case make those text fields a different font that does have have you want.

 Just in case the fonts don't come through on the forum, I attached a screen shot as well.



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Nope I lied.  I am trying to recreate it in my Titleblock.  I don't think you can use data vis on a sheet layer title block?


Basically the current workflow for these PPE style shields goes.


1 - I draw the shield on a design layer.  I have 10 or so design layers already set up in the drawing.  Each design layer is a line item on a PO

2 - Make 3-4 viewports depending on what it is on a sheet layer showing different views. 

3 - fill out the title block with appropriate info.  Project data = purchase order info sheet data = line item specific info.


My whole point for this is to highlight the things that are different from line item to line item for the guys pulling the items to catch it.  I don't think I can do that on sheet layers?

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2 minutes ago, MattG said:

Nope I lied.  I am trying to recreate it in my Titleblock.  I don't think you can use data vis on a sheet layer title block?

Oh, that's a bore. Yes. I'd forgotten that! Just getting into my stride there for a moment!


Have you thought about using Layer color overrides in Viewports. Might be quick and easy. Remember the eyedropper tool can also copy and paste viewport overrides... Just a thought.

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