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Marionette base and heights of a 3d object


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Can someone tell me which nodes I can use to output the footprint and the smallest and largest height of a 3d solid. So far I have only been able to determine the volume and the total surface, which do not change when rotating the object in the floor plan. The nodes Get Height, Get Length, Get Width unfortunately do not give me the actual edge lengths for objects rotated in the floor plan.


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Hello @C.Wittmann,

welcome to the forum.


This issue is not trivial, but doable. First you need to convert the 3d solid into 3d polys, convert those into 2d polylines and decompose those into 2d lines.

Once you have the lines, you can setup an array with the line handle and their length depending on their center point z-value. Then just sort the array by the length and thus determine the min and max.


The node called "IFC List attributes" in this handy tool contains exactly the process described:


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