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Stair winders

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I have seen a few posts referring to being able to set the number of winders in the stair tool, but on the geometry settings of the L stair winder configuration I can't see any way to set this...

I am trying to create a stair with 2 risers on the wind, but the tool insists on putting in 3... I enclose some sketches, the stair on the right is a simple exterusion model of what I am trying to create, and on the left is the closest I can get with the stair tool... Any pointers on how to draw what I want? If not,  perhaps something for the wishlist...




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The Stair Tool will not do it as the Walk Line, or the distances between

treads vary that way. Which is quite a dangerous Stair.


But maybe you can force that in any way when you set an Offset for the

walk line. But I am not sure if it will work as there seams to be a limitation

in the Tool that a Stair or Stair Flight will always need to have at least

3 Treads.

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Last I recall, Residential Building Code requires 6" minimum tread depth.


You may need to do the stair sections separately.





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Vectorworks has (3) Stair Tools.

I believe the one that shows in the Building Shell is Custom.

I am not sure as it has been awhile since I added the other (2)


You are able to get the other (2) from legacy folder when adding tools to a Tool Menu.


See link





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Yes I meant would @LeeElston better achieve what he wants using the Custom Stair tool rather than the Stair Tool. As per my screenshots


You can twiddle around for ages with the walk line settings in the Stair tool trying to get the winder you want but seems a bit more straightforward using the (legacy) Custom Stair


Stair is the one in building shell tool set.

Custom, Simple + Circular are legacy.

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Its an existing stair in a 100 year old UK terraced house so it's legality, building code compliance or safety concerns are not a major issue!! I can't however seem to find a 'legacy' "custom" stair tool... only the "simple" or "circular" stair. Is the custom option only in Designer? I am using the default tool with the settings options as per image stair 5... Only other tools I can see are those mentioned above, image stair 4



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Hi @LeeElston did you look in the 'Legacy' section?


But if not + you stick with the default Stair you can also try like Zoomer says messing around with the walk line offset + Min Inside Tread depth settings + perhaps eventually get what you want.

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2 hours ago, LeeElston said:

Its an existing stair in a 100 year old UK terraced house so it's legality, building code compliance or safety concerns are not a major issue!! I


OK, existing Building.



So intentional. Haven't seen it from that side. Maybe it is cool.

A quasi landing ?

Would love to do a test walk.

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