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2D Components for lighting devices/Horizontal and vertical rig for 1 symbol

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Hi all! 


Since 2019 I mentioned that there is option to make a few different 2D symbols inside 1 hybrid lighting devise symbol in "Edit 2D components" menu.   




But I couldn't find any chance to switch between them inside document. 


For example:


I have 2 different rig types for 1 lighting device

1 - is vertical 

2 - is horisontal 


Now I have to duplicate my lighting device, change its name and 2D Symbol.



And in that case it works:



But I hope I miss something and there is option to switch between 2D Components in one Hybrid symbol without duplicating? 


Any help highly appreciated.





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Currently Lighting devices do not support the orthographic components of symbols. So your workflow as it stands at the moment is correct.

I hope at some stage in the near future components will be supported, particularly for schematic views which would seem to be an ideal candidate for this functionality.


What do you need to show? There are several workflows for showing lighting at different projections that you could use.

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@markdd thank you for clarifying this. 


I usually have different light setups with the same units inside but different positions. As I mentioned before now I'm struggling with vertical and horizontal rig for the same lighting device in 1 setup. 


And I was just wondering if there is a way to simplify the workflow without multiplying the same lighting device for different positions. 🙂

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