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Marionette Ungrouping upon completion


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Doe's anyone know if there is a way within Marionette to get the finished script to ungroup it's self when it finishes?


I.e., I have a script to create a 3d line from points.

        When Marionette finishes the 3d line is in a group requiring a manual ungroup to be able to join it to the next line, this can be time consuming when you run the script multiple times.

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I am not aware of any way to automatically ungroup geometry. FYI, the reason that Marionette scripts create groups is so that the geometry is "tied" to the script. The script not only creates a group, but names that group with a name related to the script, so that when the script runs again, the named group is deleted and replaced.

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Hi Sara, Thanks for the reply.

I am aware of the reasoning behind the grouping being tied to the script it’s just when you have turned you script into a menu tool and are trying to use it to manipulate existing geometry I find some times that I am having to do a whole bunch of extra ungrouping, if there was a way to have the script not create a group after it is run that would be useful.


The only way I can think of doing this would be to encapsulate the Marionette script in a Vectorscript and have that ungroup that way, if that is possible?



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😀 That worked providing I add an output node to my wrapper, but unfortunately it doesn't if it's included inside the wrapper so unable to create a menu command.


I'e., if you were to select your three nodes and then wrap them it still creates a group when finished which is the problem I have as you are unable to create a menu item unless everything is inside the wrapper.

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It's sound so easy but have been trying for some time to do this.

Just about to have dinner so will have a look at this way of doing it later and let you know how I get on.


Just on an off chance anyone have any suggestions on how to split a NURBS curve at it's control points using Marionette, been trying to find a way of doing this for some time as well, another one I thought would be so easy...alas NOT 🙁

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