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Layer Change breaks cable connection


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I have two device blocks on a schematic layer For example a TV with a cable box connected by an HDMI cable.  If I select the two blocks, including the cable connecting the two and then change the layer for those objects they all appear on the new layer, however connections all have the yellow caution error like they are disconnected even though the ends of the cable lines are in the right place.


Is there a quick easy way to restore the connection without having to re-draw each connection line? 


It would be nice if devices stayed connected to each other as they change layers.


Thanks - Neil


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@Nikolay Zhelyazkov I previously was selecting the items and changing the layer in the OIP.  I just tried the cut paste method and it still broke the links for me.  

@Conrad Preen -Great tip on the nudge workaround that works helpful!


I guess the primary reason I am doing this is because when I started my project I didn't realize that it was possible to have multiple schematic layers.  I just used a large canvas and drew different things in different areas.  That creates some challenges with view ports, scrolling all over etc...  so at this point its mostly just fixing a fundamental drawing layout mistake on my part. Secondarily as the project I am working on has expanded, what at one point was a very small portion of the job ballooned and now makes sense to have that portion just be its own layer.


Also worth noting if a link is arrow type and one end gets moved from one layer to another and the other is supposed to stay on the original layer this gets weired.  You either have to move the entire link line or leave it behind.  The nudge trick obviously won't fix this.  I suppose that is an expected behavior.  It would be cool if these connections would stay in tact as well but that is probably a low priority future wish list item.




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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Neil,

Well it's great to have somebody "pushing the envelope"!!! Certainly the case with arrow connections was picked up by our testers and noted. I would be the first to support the idea of allowing you to restructure your drawings at will by adding layers etc. But for some things it's easier if you set hings up from the start. I think that as you gain experience with ConnectCAD you get to know how to read the road ahead a little better.


Thank you as ever for posting these observations. We always take note and if we can fix we will.


Best regards



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