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Roof Style Glitch

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I built my roof with roof faces as I can't figure out how to manipulate the roof to be the way I want it with "Create Roof".  As I assigned one of VW roof styles to my roof,  a random roof face would be missing a component.  See highlighted roof face image. All the roof faces are of the same roof style, all rendered by components. I tried changing all to "unstyled", and another roof face would lose its component. Not sure what went wrong.  TIA!


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Go to top/plan.  Double click the roof face that is causing problems.


Inside you should find (hopefully only) one polygon.  Double click that polygon or invoke the reshape tool.  Check to see if there are extra vertices you don't need.  Especially any vertices that double back on themselves.  Remove any extra vertices.


If that doesn't work try drawing a new polygon over the existing polygon and deleting the original.


If you don't see one polygon but instead see a ghost polygon and another roof face (I haven't seen this happen yet in 2021, but it used to happen to me in older versions).  Then copy the polygon if you can, delete the roof face, paste the polygon, and start over :-).

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