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Simplifying/Flattening a Venue

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Good Afternoon Team,


I have created a very complex 3D venue that we are in-house in. Occasionally we need to do accurate 3D renders and so every little nook and cranny have been accurately modelled. We also sometimes just need to spit out simple 2D plans and so, I'd like to create a simplified, flat version where most 3D geometry is removed and the file size can be greatly reduced (Drawing is currently more than 1.2 Gigabytes).


I have tried grabbing the whole venue and converting to lines, but that absolutely annihilates my computers performance. I also lose the 2D geometry of windows and doors in the conversion. I need the venue to still function, as I have marionettes to open and close doors and change bollard placements, so those elements will need to remain 3D. But I'm hoping someone has a suggestion for how to convert the drawing to a more 2D plan for ease of use and file size. Thank you so much!

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Place a horizontal Section Viewport on a dedicated Design Layer, adjust class visibility, class overides etc to suit.

For your new simplified project: in a blank file create a Referenced Viewport that references only this new DL.


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