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Worksheet function (=Image) and lineweight

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Is that a screen shot of VW or a PDF?  

It would be interesting to see what a print or actual PDF looks like.  


I assume you've set the scale of the images column to get it to match the actual symbols.

If you haven't already, in the worksheet menu go to File > Preferences… and set the Images DPI to 150.


If that doesn't work post a file with a worksheet and those 4 symbols. 


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Ugh...I hate to say it, but this is a huge problem with the =IMAGE function within VW worksheets. The function actually takes a raster image of the symbol that is most commonly a vector based symbol and the resulting image is incapable of capturing lineweight. For us it is Plant symbols (Trees) with thick outlines. The plant schedule, regardless of the DPI does a horrible job of translating those symbols into the legend legibly.


We actually have resorted to a workaround of double-stacking two identical worksheets on top of each other. It kinda works to darken the images, but is a far cry from how it SHOULD work.

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On 12/1/2020 at 11:11 PM, michaelk said:

Is that a screen shot of VW or a PDF?  


The original image I posted was from a PDF and the resolution in the worksheet preferences was set at 600 dpi

On 12/1/2020 at 11:24 PM, Pat Stanford said:

In the Worksheet menu, check the preferences and see what you have the Images DPI set to. It appears to be broken. on my machine 72 DPI looks pretty close to what is on the layer while 300 DPI has all of the lines very thin and washed out.

This one is at 72 dpi.  I agree this must be broken.  I will try to submit it as a bug. 


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