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Door/ Room Finish Schedules

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how do you add embedded values to symbols that will appear on the door and room finish schedules? I can only add information for the given "by program" set from the room finish library, and when using our symbols for doors, I cannot create any information that will appear on a door schedule worksheet.

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From the resource pallette select a door symbol to which you want to add data. With no elements of the symbol selected open the info pallette and select its data mode. Check the box next to door data at the top of the pallette, then in the middle section of the pallette select the heading for which you want to add data. Click in the bottom section of the pallette and type in you information for that heading. If you press return after entering your data you will be able to enter data for the next heading. Data entered this way will stay with the symbol. You can change data for individual instances of the symbol that are already on the drawing by selecting the symbol (don't enter edit symbol), and enter data the same way to the data section of the info pallette.

Personally I think that there are lots of unexpected quirks, but I'm used to them. I've been using VectorWorks (MiniCad) since 1986 so I'm used to them. Email me if you need any other hints.

David Lodge

David Lodge Studios


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