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magical slabs



I don't really understand what is happening with the slabs at Vectorworks. I have a large project where I drew all my slabs and attached them to walls. I then have to do some operations such as cutting out parts where tubes, beams and stairs are. I then see that the plate is no longer linked to my walls. If I then double click on my slab and go to the outline, the slab is gone. It is also on a level that is completely wrong, but in a section it is good, but you can no longer edit it.It is very frustrating to draw the plate every time and then later in your drawing after x number of operations to further determine that the slab has disappeared for the umpteenth time. Is this a known problem and how can it be solved?

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no this is not the problem. The classes from the slab are active, because some slabs works very good, other slabs disrepair when I double click on it  when I try to work on it. Then I get the message there is not a graphical object, so if you leave the workspace from the slab then it is totally gone an must a redraw the slab



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Are you running the latest Service Pack (I think it is SP5)? If you are, can you post a file showing the issue?


And the usual trouble shooting steps:

If you are using a Custom Workspace, try using one of the default workspaces. If that helps, then rebuild you custom workspace.

If you are using a template that can come forward from previous versions, consider rebuilding your template.

Try and temporarily move or rename your user folder and restart VW. If this helps, then you can keep using the new User Folder that VW automatically creates. If it does not help, then you delete the new one and restore the old User Folder and Restart VW.

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