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Resource Manager thumbnails

Tom W.

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Is there a way to change the thumbnail settings for multiple resources at once in the preview pane of the Resource Manager?

You can change the thumbnails of the resources themselves (in the resource viewer pane) en masse but not their preview thumbnails that I can see.

Or a way of setting defaults so resources automatically display the way you want them?

Not a massive issue obviously but does make a difference navigating through them if you have them displayed the way you want them + I seem to spend quite a lot of time going through adjusting them one by one...

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

As you say, the main pane allows you to change multiple thumbs at once because you can select and see multiple thumbs at once.  The preview pane doesn't have any way to show more than one, so it's disabled during multi-selection. 


Do you have a workflow in mind Tom?  Are you doing this once, when you make a new symbol, or are you repeatedly looking thru each item in the list from different angles, changing one over and over?  If there were defaults, what should they be?  (Tied to the main RM pane setting? Or the VW pref for 3D render mode + ?)

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Hi Rick thanks. 


Depending on the process you use to create a hybrid symbol it will display differently in the Resource Manager (i.e. whether you select both the 3D + 2D components together in Top/Plan + select Create Symbol; whether you create a 3D only symbol first then edit the symbol definition to add a 2D component; whether you duplicate + edit an existing hybrid symbol). So if you’re making a number of different symbols you can quite quickly + easily end up with a variety of different display settings in the RM + find you need to tidy it up a bit to get them all displaying consistently. I recently made 20 plus electrical symbols that I wanted to display as Top/Plan view thumbnails in the resource viewer pane + right ISO Open GL thumbnails in the preview pane. To achieve the former was easy because I could select all the symbols + change them as one (in fact because of the way I created them they all displayed this way anyway). But to achieve the latter I had to click on each symbol individually to see what the preview display was set to, then if it needed changing it was four clicks to choose right ISO + Open GL. It was just wondering if there was a quicker/easier way to control what you see in the preview pane: like I said, ideally you’d select multiple symbols in the resource viewer pane then adjust the settings in the preview pane + have it affect all the selected symbols in one go, rather than having to adjust them all individually. 


I guess by defaults I meant something like an option in the ‘Create Symbol’ or ‘Symbol Options’ dialogs where you can specify how you want the thumbnail to display in the RM. But this just creates more settings – the first way would be simplest.


This applies to Hardscapes as well.


Like I say it’s not a massive deal, I just wondered if there was some clever trick I could be using to do it quicker. I actually found a Wishlist item from a couple of years ago regarding this but it didn't have many votes - it's obviously a niche area!



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