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Switched to VWX 2020 and now can't look up resources

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Hello VWX Community,


I recently updated to VWX 2020.  Yes, I know!  Late adopter.  Anyhow, in 2020, when I try and look up a resource it doesn't seem to be looking anywhere, cuz I only get resources that are in my RL in the currently opened file.  And I have turned on all possible avenues of resources, by selecting the activating icons in the upper left corner, i.e. Vectorworks Libraries, or, Workgroup Libraries, etc.  Additionally, I have "All Resources" selected in the dropdown menu for resource types, i.e. gradients, hatches, styles, etc.


Even when I search for a fixture or object, that I KNOW IS IN MY CURRENTLY OPENED FILE'S RESOURCE LIBRARY, my search yields ZERO results.


What stupid setting have I inadvertently switched that is causing me not to be able to search for resources?


Thank you in advance.





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Hi bcd,


I think I need to clarify something... if I navigate, in my Resource Browser, to the "Vectorworks Libraries" tab, I CAN see all the resources in there.  You can see the different resource groups in the screen shot, in the red box, i.e. Lighting Pipe.vwx.  It is when I try the search function (in the magenta box) instead of navigating thru all the folders and subfolders, there are no results from the search, that I selected the "All Resources" tab, as well.  In 2019, the search would yield results.  So, I wonder if it's a batch convert issue.




That being said, I tried to do what you said, but, I'm a bit unclear on your instructions.  What do you mean by "relevant folders?"  Do you mean that my source folder should be the VWX 2019 "Libraries" folder, and, my destination should be VWX 2020?

  • I navigated the File>Batch Convert and get the first attachment.  I'm assuming that I want to convert the libraries folder... which I selected and also checked the box about "include subfolders." 
  • Once I initiate the batch convert I get the warning message (that's the 2nd attachment).
    • Is this because, in this case, I selected the 2020 libraries folder as both the source and destination?
    • I don't want to approve the overwrite and screw myself.

Any clarification would be appreciated.


Thank you.





Screen Shot 2020-12-05 at 12.55.42 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-12-05 at 12.52.23 PM.png

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