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Residential Lintel Casing/Trim


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So i'm looking to do more residential in 3D with Vectorworks.  Trying  to setup a typical window detail where i'd have a 2x6 lintel casing/trim above the window and the diagram in the settings box doesn't seem to jive with the actual model condition - its placing the lintel on top of the casing.  As I am sure most know this 2x6 would sit on top of the window directly (as the dialog pic shows) - not to mention, is there any way to control the width of that lintel?  I'd only want it sticking past the standard side casing by about 1/2-3/4".   


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Doing some more research on this subject - i appears Vectorworks only considers there to be masonry-like lintels....not wood lintels as found in residential architecture all over the world.  I realize it could be called something different, but if this tool simply had control over its height and side dimension it would work fine for a wood lintel.



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