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Better Viewport Naming and Managment

Tom Klaber


Maybe I am alone - but we are not super disciplined about naming Viewports.  Even when we do - when you list the 100s of viewports in a list aphetically - it is still incredibly hard to find what you are looking for.



I love the new tags and how VW is becoming better about what I call "dumb-smart coordination."  It really is great - but we need a better way for us to link viewports to tags.


The list should be organized by the SheetNumber that the viewport is currently on, followed by the Drawing Number currently assigned, followed by the name.  Also - the name of the viewport should be able to be set as the Drawing Title - so when you change the title.   Viewports seem to be currently named by the number and sheet where they are first created - so after things have moved around a bit - it becomes impossible to find it from the list.  So much back and forth to see the name of the viewport, back to the detail tag, ect.



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I agree with this, viewport naming should automated to the sheet and drawing titles/numbers.


My current workaround is to use a couple of scripts that can rename selected or all viewports with <sheet no.><drawing number><drawing title>. The scripts work really fast and after running the viewport names are all listed in order. The script has been shared on this forum before but I can reshare if you are interested. 

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I used that script quite a bit in 2020 and wish Vectorworks woulds name Viewports that way automatically. It's great!


However, I found that in 2021 running the script would break many of the the connections between smart markers (such as Section Lines, Reference Markers, etc.) and their viewports. Not sure why. Also haven't tested in latest SP...

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