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I'm really fighting with the truss tool in VW2021. Don't know if I'm really stupid or if there's something wrong.


Anyway, please have a look at this. I can't get the trusses to have the same 2D color, no matter what I do. It's a cut out from a bigger drawing I'm making.

Please see attached file and image for reference. I want everything to correspond with the class, both 2D and 3D, disregarding what kind of truss it is. Also, in the drawing there's some LED's I can't select as well. Why is this?


Many thanks!


// martin


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As I see it, some trusses have the 2D components removed. This is because you have had to Roll the Truss object off the normal flat plane in order to achieve the shape that you need. This is sometimes unavoidable in order to build the structures you want with the parts that are available in the libraries. When a truss object is rolled off angle, it removes the Hybrid symbol and replaces it with a 3D version. Check out the resource manager and you will see the extra symbols are there.


There is nothing much you can do about this apart from being incredibly mindful when building the structure that you want to keep truss objects un-rolled as much as possible. Your corner blocks are Rolled by 180°. If you unroll them, then the 2D is re-applied and the colour looks right.


On the odd occasion I have had to make a new symbol based on the orientation that I need, but normally the libraries have enough parts to get me to where I need to be without having to do this.

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Sorry for such late reply! Thank you so much for clearing this out for me!

Ok, so I can't get the shape I need and still keep the rotation? I edited the 2D symbol to match up with the colors I wanted but still no success. 


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