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Lock down those darn OIP and navigation tabs!

Kaare Baekgaard


There are days, where e v e r y single interaction with the OIP in VW21 releases the frontmost tab and makes a mess out of my desktop.


I hardly think anyone requested this pestilent feature.


I for one hate it with every fibre in my body.


Please provide me with a lockdown mechanism, so that the OIP and navigation tabs remain where they are supposed to remain - and please do so before VW22.


And for future reference: Please provide users with a choice, whenever you make 'smart' improvements to something so fundamental as the OIP.

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I spend hours every week trying to locate and reattach palettes, that have been accidentally torn off and moved, because that is what they do all of the time, and they cannot be locked down.


And I do not even have palsy!


I never heard of anyone who use this 'feature'  for its misconceived purpose, so why is it still here?


At least provide us with an off-switch, please.

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On 3/18/2021 at 4:21 PM, Pat Stanford said:

This was one of the things that was changed for SP3. Still no way to lock, but the accidental dragging has been substantially improved. If you can upgrade to SP3 try it and see.

Will you please just provide an effing off-switch?

Put an off switch on it.

Come on.

Let me kill the abomination.






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