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VA Border/Title Box

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yes - and easy to do which is always nice - when you are prompted during the VA Setup, it will ask you if you want to use one of the pre made title blocks/borders. it will also give you the option to use no title block. that is the one that you want. after the file is setup, just switch your active layer to sheet-common and insert your title block. i use a worksheet for my titleblock, so i import it into each file and then place it where i want it.

good luck.

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I had the same problem/question about two weeks ago. The previous post was what I used to do before I bought Architect. I wanted to utilize some of the features in the automated titleblocks but still use my custom block. This is what I did.

I typically use the same sheet size every time, archD. I went in and modified the and modified the title block object that VA setup pulls from. This can be found in vectorworks/toolkit/obects. Open 00_Arch_Sheets.mcd. Use resource pallete to select sheet/symbol to modify, select edit. Make your changes. Exit symbol. Exit drawing and save. I suggest saving a copy of the original 00_Arch_Sheets.mcd to revert to if you screw the whole thing up.

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