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default settings for 2D polygon auto trace & Eyedropper



Hi , 

Could I asked for advice on solving to simple irritations I find with VW 2021,  or even consideration on ability in the future to define "defaults"  on two 2D drawing tool settings . 


2D Polygon "auto-trace" _ ie where 2D polygon draw automatically from switches ( at least easily if drawing at speed) from Corner Vertex to Bezier Control Point on working over existing objects _

Is there a way to switch this off as default ! I seem to spend irritating amount of time cancelling vertex moves to then move forward . 


Eyedropper tool _ Is there a way I can define default saved attribute settings  . On every reboot of application this defaults to some " other" saved attribute settings and not the ones I want . ?


Just small things ... but maybe there are ways .... 





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Default tool settings can be easily set for a file in a couple of ways.


1. Double click on a tool icon and the setting dialogue will appear. Adjust to your preferred settings, Click ok. Those settings will now be the defaults for that tool for that file. 

2. Double click the eye dropper tool. In the settings dialogue check “pick up set defaults” (While you are there you can tweak any other eye dropper settings to your preferred defaults). In pick up mode click on an object.  The tool which created the object will have its default settings adjusted to match those of the object you just selelectd. 

After you’ve set your tool defaults I would recommend going back and unchecking “pick up set defaults”.

As these defaults are file specific I would also recommend setting up Project template files which have defaults set up already for all your commonly used tools. Big time saver.


Hope that helps.

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