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Pocket Door Rough Opening Incorrect In Door Schedule

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Does anyone know how to get a pocket door to account for the pocket portion of the door in the door schedule?  Currently when I add a simple pocket door into a wall, the door schedule only accounts for the door slab, door jambs, and shim gaps... this is fine for swinging doors, but not pockets, since the RO width needs to account for the pocket, which is usually the door width +1 inches.  For example a pocket door with a 2'-6" x 8'-0" door slab should have an RO width of 0.25 shim gap + 0.75 jamb +30 door slab +31 pocket = 62" total RO width.


I have the a similar issue for the RO height, but I can account for the overhead track by using a z offest in the theshold dialog.  Still... I wish there was a better and more accurate way to do that.  For a pocket door, the RO hieght should be about 4" greater than the door slab size.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Software Versions VW2021 and VW 2020


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Guest SMannVW

I would use an IF function in the rough opening columns of the door schedule database headers to calculate those values. If it's a pocket door the function will return the calculated dimension, and if it's any other door it will return the rough opening dimension.

More information about worksheet functions in help guide:

Worksheets on the Vectorworks University:

Here are a couple screenshots with samples of pocket door worksheet formulas:



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It needs to 'Door'.'Config', not 'Door'.'Configuration'


You can track this down by either using the Formula Generator in a database header row. Use a single part of the formula at a time and see exactly what ends up in the formula.


Alternatively, take a look at this thread about a script that will create a worksheet showing all of the possible fields of a PIO.



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Thank you, Pat. That edit cleared the error out of the formula, but at first, I could not get the equation to recognize which doors were pocket doors. I suspected that the configuration was not "pocket" since none of my pocket doors end up with different values. I tried 'slider' to see if the equation works and it did, so I knew the issue had to be with the name of the door type.  I tried 'pocket.simple', 'pocketsimple'  just guessing as to what the correct name is for that door type, and realized that I needed to include the space between "pocket simple'


As easy as that was, it took me quite a bit of head-scratching to get it to work.  The good news is that I also now have the POI script you created and shared, and that is working perfectly.  The script did not drill down into the deeper aspects of the door configuration types, but does provide a huge list of the POI info needed for worksheets. All in all, I want to thank you for your help and time. Have a happy new year. 


@SMannVW  thank you as well, you pointed me in the right direction. I think that the Mac vs PC criteria are slightly different, which is why your formula worked for you.

Screenshot 2021-01-04 114332.jpg

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Something like:


=IF('Door'.'Config'='Pocket Simple', ('Door'.'ROWidth'+'Door'.'Width'+1/12), IF('Door'.'Config'='POCKET BIPART', (width you want for bipartisan), 'Door'.'ROWidth'))


This is called Nested IF Statements.


If the formula is something like:  IF (condition,  What to do if the condition is true,  What to do if the condition is false)


Then normally the second IF should go into the FALSE portion of the first IF.

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