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Graphics problem / VRAM overload VW2021




two days ago i had an issue that seems to be related to a memory overflow in the graphicscard vram.

this happened when i was working in 3d with open-gl turned on.

the lid of my macbook was closed during this.

suddenly colored rectangles appeared first on my main screen, then on the second screen.

the number of these rectangles was constantly rising until nearly the whole screen was checkerd...

the screenshot of the graphics memory then was taken on the display of the macbook, that is powered by the internal graphics card.

vectorworks didn´t respond - i had to force quit

i am working with an eGPU RX Vega64

vectorworks 2021/SP1

is that a known issue?


Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-20 um 16.19.38.png

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Hi @bjoerka


If you have been working fine with this configuration of external monitors and eGPU for a while, based on the nature of this symptom I would suggest that it is a fleeting issue and that it would be resolved by;

  • Restarting just Vectorworks, but if that doesn't work;
  • Restart your computer. And if that still doesn't rectify the problem;
  • Restart the eGPU as well. 


If the restarting doesn't resolve the issue; 

  1. If your eGPU came with its own software and/or drivers: Check if an update was applied between when this occurred and the last time you used Vectorworks with this hardware setup. 
  2. Check if a macOS update was applied between when this occurred and the last time you used Vectorworks with this hardware setup. 
  • If either of the above correlate with the start of this problem and if the restarting actions I suggested above don't remedy the problem, then its almost a certainty that the software update has introduced this problem. - If so; Roll back the update (using Time Machine perhaps) and contact the applicable software developer. 
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