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Custom Panel - connector names & types

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-I have created a bunch of connectors on a custom panel in the schematic layer. 

-Using Layout-> Update Rack Elevation the system creates the custom panel on the Rack Elevation layer.  

-On the custom panel I use the get connectors command to populate the connectors.  

-If I want to change the name of the connector on the panel I use the little drop down menu on the connector (see attachment)

-This works great and is a way faster way of updating the names than doing a bunch of clicking on the sockets in the schematic layer.


The problem is it does not seem to be updating the Socket Name of the device in the schematic layer.  (See attachement).  This becomes a big deal if you run "Get Connectors" for that panel again, all the names are wiped out and refreshed with the socket names from the devices in the schematic layer.


The same is true if I use this method to change the connector of the socket.  


It would be really nice if this info was pushed back to the schematic layer.




VW2021 SP2 

Connector names.png

Socket Device Name.png

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Well changing the schematic socket name this way wasn't really a workflow that I had in mind. And it really begs the question in my mind as to whether that's what you would want to do every time? Changing stuff automatically on another layer that you can't see falls under the heading of "unforeseen consequences" in my book. We should definitely be very cautious about that.


My 2c worth.




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Well suppose you wanted to add some extra connectors on your panel that weren't in the schematic? You could grab the connector symbol from Default Content but you would want to set the name.


Or supposing you had saved a pre-built panel as a symbol and dragged it in, and then you wanted to manually assign the connectors to match the ones on your schematic?


Just two cases off the top of my head.



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