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drawing label tool issue - new user - vectorworks 2021



Hi , Im just getting in touch to see if anyone can help? Im a new user trying vectorworks for the first time and DRAWING-LABEL-TOOL-ISSUE.pngI have a problem that i cant solve concerning the drawing label tool. I am currently following the core concepts tutorial on vectorworks university and when the tool is demo'd the instructor has a completely different object manager than the one i get. I spent a good few hours trying to see if i had made a mistakes or had a function turned off without any luck. Ive supplied a pdf of my issue and any advice would be much appreciated.

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I think the Tutorial is rather out of date. The Drawing Labels were updated for version 2021 and there may not be adequate tutorials for those yet. This youtube channel has some tutorials for 2021 and the updated tools which you may find helpful. 



The HELP files should have been updated so click on the What's this command in the help menu and with the arrow, select whatever tool you need help with.

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They introduced styles for Drawing Labels in 2021 so the OIP for more recent versions will likely be more streamlined as more of the functionality is done by style rather than by instance.


As markdd stated the tutorial video is probably just outdated and the Help files or alternative tutorials like those provided by Jonathon Reeves should give you the information you need.

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