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Tangent on a polyline control point

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I am working on a script that converts Vectorworks polylines into SVG paths and I have managed to "translate" everything except for the cubic splines vertexes.

I know that a cubic splines vertex control point is equivalent to two bezier vertexes, simply crossing the tangent lines, see figure.


The problem is: how I determine the tangent exactly in a polyline vertex?

The only way seems to go with this one…

def vs.PointAlongPoly(h, dist):
    return (BOOLEAN, pt, tangent)

…but I cannot know what distance the control point has.

Furthermore, testing this (and the similar PointAlongPolyN), I get inaccurate results placing of the points on the curve.

I know (from past experiences) that this function calculates distances on the poly just "polygonizing" the curve, but the conversion resolution is unknown (and not settable).



Thank you for the help.


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I have found a way, it works, but has some inaccuracy (due to the PointAlongPoly precision), but I can leave with it.

Of course, if there is a better solution it will welcome!

import math

def angleBetweenPoints(p1, p2):
#given 2 point coordinates it retrieves the angle of the line passing between them
	orientation = None
	if p1[0]==p2[0]:
		if p1[1] <= p2[1]:
			orientation = 90
			orientation = 270
	if p1[1]==p2[1]:
		if p1[0] <= p2[0]:
			orientation =  0
			orientation = 180
	if (p1[0]!=p2[0]) and (p1[1]!=p2[1]):
		if p1[0]<p2[0]:
			quadrant = 0
			quadrant = 180
		orientation = quadrant+vs.Rad2Deg(vs.ArcTan((p1[1]-p2[1])/(p1[0]-p2[0])))
	return orientation

def tangentAtIndex(h, index, resolution):
	minDist = 1e308 #a very large number initially
	tangent = None
	ptVt, vertexType, arcRadius = vs.GetPolylineVertex(h, index)
	ht = vs.ConvertToPolygon(h, resolution)
	#cycle searching min distance
	for i in range(1, vs.GetVertNum(ht)+1):
		pi = vs.GetPolyPt(ht, i)
		dist = vs.Distance(ptVt[0], ptVt[1], pi[0], pi[1])
		if dist < minDist:
			minDist = dist
			if (i > 1) and (i+1 < vs.GetVertNum(ht)):
				pt1 = vs.GetPolyPt(ht, i-1)
				pt3 = vs.GetPolyPt(ht, i+1)
				c = vs.ThreePtCenter(pt1, pi, pt3)
				tangent = angleBetweenPoints(c, pi)+90
				if i == 1:
					#angle between 1 and 2
					pt1 = vs.GetPolyPt(ht, 1)
					pt2 = vs.GetPolyPt(ht, 2)
					tangent = angleBetweenPoints(pt1, pt2)
				if i == vs.GetVertNum(ht):
					#angle between latest and latest-1
					pt1 = vs.GetPolyPt(ht, vs.GetVertNum(ht))
					pt2 = vs.GetPolyPt(ht, vs.GetVertNum(ht)-1)
					tangent = angleBetweenPoints(pt1, pt2)

	return tangent

#test a selected polyline

h = vs.FSActLayer()

for i in range(1, vs.GetVertNum(h)+1):

	t = tangentAtIndex(h, i, 512)
	p, vertexType, arcRadius = vs.GetPolylineVertex(h, i)
	vs.Locus(p[0], p[1])
	vs.MoveTo(p[0]-1*math.cos(vs.Deg2Rad(t)), p[1]-1*math.sin(vs.Deg2Rad(t)))
	vs.LineTo(p[0]+1*math.cos(vs.Deg2Rad(t)), p[1]+1*math.sin(vs.Deg2Rad(t)))


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