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PDF Quality



Hello everyone,

I do not know why when I export a pdf from a sheet layer the quality is horrible lately. 

I am using VW 2019 on a iMac. What did I touched to change the settings? the sheet layer is at 150pdi and usually is enough, actually for 2D drawings I usually use 72dpi, but since this morning when I export/print a pdf the quality changed. 

Any suggestions? I have already tried to change the dpi in the sheet layer or the general document settings but nothing happened. 



new.pdf Original.pdf

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If you usually have 2D (Vector) data,

72 DPI may be enough, as PDF usually has also Vector data,

which is scale independent and always sharp.


Therefore I think you may have accidentally activated "Rasterize"

This will lose all Vector data and safe as an image file.

(Sometimes a valid workaround to avoid visibility problems and such)

In case of a rasterization, the 72 or 150 DPI may be too low to

show a drawing as a raster image in PDF.

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Guest Alex Sagatov

@Giulio Can you just confirm for me what exactly looks worse on your end? When I am comparing these PDFs, they have some differences in geometry and some line weights, but the overall quality seems to be identical?





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