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chevron flooring hatch

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It took a minute or two, but the piano finally fell on my head.


@markdd Just putting down my chicken scratching into something human readable made me realize that there IS a more efficient way to make this hatch.


Use an offset of 0,150 and start the next level at 800,0 and now the whole hatch is only 7 levels instead of 33!




Chevron Hatch Better v2019.vwx

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Katerina Panagiotakis was (is) a very generous VW users and programmer. She provided lots of useful scripts and resources such as the hatch package and textures. The last public post I have in my archive from her was from the Fall of 2008. But I think she may still be around.

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16 hours ago, markdd said:

I've seen some insane hatches over the years. I assure you those PanTiles are a synch!! I'll have a go in a quiet moment. Sadly no long train journeys these days which were excellent for figuring stuff like this out...

I'm going to have to give up on this. I'm glad to have learnt how to use the hatch editor but bit depressed to have spent hours trying to create my pantile hatch + really not get anywhere. @markdd I'd really really appreciate some guidance if you could spare the time. I really simplified the geometry but it was still beyond me to get all the lines repeating on two axes at once. If I made the grid square + the lines all 45 degs then fine, but this would render the hatch so far from what I wanted it's not worth doing. How the hell do they make those stone hatches with 980 levels???


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I stuck with it + came up with this:


This was a ridiculous amount of work + not as detailed as I'd have liked but I was determined to come out of this with something to show for all the effort!

What I realised half way through - and fairly obvious really - is that you can easily stretch the hatch afterwards so fine to create it based on a square grid with all angles 45 degs.

Doesn't look too bad in the end:



Phew (again)

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Thank you. It was only 9 levels. In fact I actually misunderstood in quite a stupid way how the hatch lines repeat laterally it’s much less complicated than I thought it was. I have now made a slightly less clunky version:



Not a quick process but actually quite satisfying once you get your head around it!

Wouldn't have been motivated to look at it if not for the forums so thanks


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No problem TW pantile hatches.vwx

And this rather elaborate creation was my setting out (inspired by Larry O - thank you)


Bit crazy that you could probably model the taj mahal is the time it took but all part of the fun of VW I suppose!

Edited by Tom W.
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Tom that diagram calculating the repeats and offsets is genius.  The hatch turned out great too!

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Thank you @michaelk that's very generous of you!

I think that's the only architectural hatch I needed to make so really glad to have finally got on + done it.

The only other hatches I've wanted to use + never found are to show woodland/vegetation in mapping. This kind of thing:



I've searched high + low + enquired on these forums but no luck. Strange as assumed they'd be quite common. But anyway will now have a go at creating myself. Lots of curves unfortunately...


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I’m not sure when tiles were added to Vectorworks but they have clearly meant that the hatch function has not seen much development if at all in the last 15 years. 

I think you will probably get much much quicker results with the vegetation patterns if you make a tile. However I sense that hatches are more efficient as far as processing is concerned.


If textures could add surface tiles as well as surface hatches then that would get my vote.

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That's a good point that was actually what was suggested to me when I enquired about this: to create a tile rather than a hatch (for the trees). I'd forgotten. Would be fine in this circumstance as would only be displaying in 2D, not assigned to a texture. Don't really use tiles generally so will need to investigate further... They go slightly wierd when you zoom in + out but that's maybe an unreasonable prejudice to have...!

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I could be TOTALLY wrong about this (that's usually the case), but I suspect part of the reason hatches haven't seen huge updates is that hatches are kept in a state that is compatible with autocad (and probably other) hatches/.pat files so files can be imported and exported.  I have no idea what autocad does with a tile.  But hatches, for all their clunkiness, remain a vector based, easily calculable pattern seed when shared across cad platforms.


So when you import a .dwg the hatches just appear in the resource manager.  When you export to .dwg VW happily creates .pat files.


I think the same thing every time I set up very expensive and capable computers to talk to each other with MIDI.  It's a very old technology.  But it's simple, every computer/$50,000 lighting controller/$200 keyboard understands it, it uses almost no bandwidth, and it rarely/never fails.

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Interesting. I will have to see what what happens to my tree tiles when exported to DWG.


A lot easier to create than the pantile hatch though!!


But presumably some of the work (the mathematics + setting out) could be removed from the hatch editing process without any fundamental change to what a hatch is? Even just having a larger screen to work on (like symbol etc edit window) + an adjustable grid background to aid setting out + to have the parameters enter automatically in the fields based on what you create in the edit screen rather than have to draw it up then note what the parameters are + manually enter them one by one, level by level...

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@michaelk HI Michael, Would be able to convert that hatch package to Version 2012 for me, apparently they're very very nice hatches.  

Cheers NIgel

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