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Live Sync with Lumion Textures



I am new to VW and am trying out the Live Sync with Lumion. Every time I update the VW file all of me textures that where changed in Lumion go away and become something else. For example here i had these set to stainless steel on the appliances and tile on the floor. I updated the walls which were the same texture as the floor to have a different tile in VW and now the tile that was on the floor and walls previously in Lumion is on the appliances and the floor is back to the default. Is it because the kitchen is on a separate layer from the finished floor?

textures lumion.PNG

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Hi Kal,

You're right, once you assign/reassign Materials in Lumion they should 'stick' unless you change them.

Lumion LiveSync automatically updates the VW file to the Lumion file as your work progresses so there is no need to perform an update.

There shouldn't be any issue with which Layers your elements are drawn on in VW. Lumion will just redraw those elements in the same relative position.


You're using an older version of Lumion (v9.5)  v10, 10.5 have been out for quite a while and v11 has just been released. Perhaps it's a legacy bug but I haven't come across it before.

I would restart the computer. Draw a couple of simple elements in VW with different textures, start Lumion via LiveSync and see if the issue persists.

Otherwise you may get more help over on the Lumion forum.






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That's a real problem! I have seen this in the past but not currently and found the order of opening, syncing, closing the files helps to avoid it. I wonder if it has something to do with Project Sharing, closing the VW file before a Lumion save...? Do you lose all or just some of the texture mappings?

I'll see if I can reproduce it.

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