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How about that? The only reason for me to stay on the Mac or Windows is Vectorworks. With each new iteration of those operating systems, it becomes more difficult to ensure privacy and data safety. We even had to bring a non-connected computer to a project, because the project was sensitive. That must change. So it will be enormously appreciated if there was a Linux Version of Vectorworks.

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After being a Macintosh user right from the first Mac in 1984, and a Vectorworks user from back when it was first released as Minicad, I am now a recent convert to Ubuntu (running on a PC, not Mac), and would love to see a Linux version of Vectorworks. I realize that supporting a third platform would probably be a major undertaking. I wonder if there have been any surveys done to see how big a market there would be for a Linux version.


My move away from Macintosh is because of a succession of disappointments with each new release of MacOS (more glitter, less functionality), and the terrible build quality of Mac hardware in recent years. I finally decided that I'd had enough. Fortunately, all of the software that I use daily is available as native Linux applications. That is, all except for Vectorworks.

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Up until v2019 I was able to get VW running under Wine on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, though graphic acceleration was a bit of an issue, and my hardware was very old. Since v2020 the installer loads, but the serial numbers are refused (valid Service Select license). VW is also the only reason I have anything to do with Windows.


I have taken to running Windows in a KVM Virtual Machine with GPU passthrough on a Manjaro host. It requires a bit of setup and an extra graphics card, but I haven't had to boot into Windows proper since I got it setup.

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