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workspace editor not recreate OI palette

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I lost the OI palette, again. Must have left it at the screen edge.

So, I went to Workspace Editor to make a new VA Workspace, in which the OI palette will show up. But no luck.

I've done this trick with other Workspaces.

The OI palette shows up in other Workspaces.

I don't want to take the time to recreate the VA Workspace from scratch just now.

Any ideas how to easily get my OI palette back in a VA Workspace?

Bruce Marshall

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First, VectorWorks shouldn't let you move any palette into a position where it's completely hidden. If you see this behavior and you can tell us how to reproduce it, please send a bug report to bugsubmit@nemetschek.net.

Now, on to a possible solution... can you change the screen resolution to something larger, so that you have a larger desktop? If the palette is just at the edge of your current desktop and you can't find it, then seeing more of the desktop may help. Maybe this is how the palette got "lost" in the first place? (Although I'd still call that a bug -- VectorWorks should check the palette positions to ensure that they're all inside the current screen bounds.)

Good luck,

Caleb Strockbine


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