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VW2021 & Windows 10



Hey All,


Has anyone else been having massive performance & stability issues with 2021 on Windows 10?  I'm running Windows 10 x64 (all up to date) with SP1.  I have been experiencing random crashes (no hang, no error message, VW just is gone), ridiculous amounts of spinning blue balls waiting on operations with no indications of progress.  My machine is a Ryzen 3900 w/ a 5700 XT video card and 32 gig of RAM yet 2021.  Has anyone else been having similar issues?  I have tried clean installs as well as not migrating user folders.  Anyone have thoughts?  Frankly it's to the point where I practically need to bill more time because I'm sitting on my thumbs while VW does...something.




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Definitely have quite a few 'and VW just disappeared' moments.


Also some videocard moments where viewports/objects disappear and I have to shutdown and reopen VW for them to be visible again.

At least I'm used to it enough now that I don't think I deleted something and go through a crazy ctrl-Z panic trying to find it...


I had an older AMD professional card and thought it might have something to do with that --- but I upgraded to a AMD Radeon Pro WX 3200 and I'm still having random crashes and disappearing viewports...


I've changed my auto back up to every 24 operations (instead of the obviously superior 42) and save file for a long long time.

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