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Spotlight cable tool wish list



I've tried to use the cable tool in VW2021. A few suggestions:

  1. For the data cable tool there should be a way to turn off the "extra length" field. (I see this request going back a few years).
  2. It would be convenient to be able to select multiple fixtures at once and assume they daisy chain together in order. This would be faster than selecting each fixture by itself.
  3. The tools don't appear to work on fixtures in schematic view. It draws the cable in the 3D view which is usually at a right angle to the schematic view and thereby invisible.





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30 minutes ago, klinzey said:

@Geddy This is possible with the new cable tools. Cable types are independent of connector type and you can add connectors to the list if we don't include them by default.

can you add more instructions on this as what I have seen is a little confusing.   also how to make cable path with multi head then get circuit info into the breakout without manually entering it all in.. if I use jumper tool from light to breakout and the light has unit number why doesn't it transfer over easily.




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