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Architect 1.0.1

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Has anyone else had a problem with the upgrade to VectorWorks Architect 1.0.1? After I installed it everything has slowed down and I can't insert doors in walls. The clock just seems to spin and spin and finally something happens-but not what I want. In the AEC Workspace I don't have this problem. I have also installed the new 8.5.2 VectorWorks. I have 150 megs allocated in Vectorworks. What's the deal?


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I have also been going through this and the only way out has been to force quit (CMD-escape) and then restart CPU. I tried various adjustments of the memory assigned as well as Virtual Memory. No difference.

I'm assuming this is due to some type of memory leak (?) and/or a cranky (or non-existent) error-trapping routine having to do with calling on a procedure for a non-qualifying tool - but that's a layman's guess and certainly does nothing to solve the dilemma.

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