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Spreadsheet editing - Rack Elevation not updating


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I have 2 custom connector panels with two sockets each on them.  I have created an "All Layers Device Report" (spreadsheet) from my drawing. 


So I now have three things in play :

1) Schematic layer with 4 sockets on 2 custom panels (2 sockets have unique names a device name of CTP_Panel1, the other two have unique names and device name of CTP_Panel2) 

2) Rack Elevation with 2 custom Panels each with two sockets (these were created the normal way by (ConnectCad->Layout->Update Rack Elevation)

3) Spreadsheet report showing CTP_Panel1 and CTP_Panel2   


If I edit/modify the Make or Model of the socket in the OIP on the schematic layer, then look at my rack elevation the elevation updates correctly each time. If I then re-calculate the spreadsheet it is also correct.


If I edit the Make or Model of the device in the OIP on the Rack Elevation Layer, both sockets update on the schematic layer correctly.  If I then Recalculate the spreadsheet it is correct.



If I change the make/model value in the spreadsheet the schematic layer will update correctly, however on the rack elevation layer the device DOES NOT update.  I have tried to do a Update Rack Elevation and the device still has the old make model info both on the drawing and in the OIP.


Modifying the value on the schematic layer or Rack Elevation layer is the only way to get all three items back in sync.


I think this may be a bug.  Has anyone else seen this issue?





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