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Aligning hardscapes to Site Model

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I have been searching through the vectorworks university and cant seem to figure out how to get my hardscape items to align properly with the surface contours of the model.

I think I have a decent understanding on how to use site modifiers to shape the model, but the aligned slab site modifier does something wacky to the surfaces. Using version 2021


Pictures below

VW SS.jpg

Aligned hardscapes to DEM.vwx

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7 hours ago, Rayscapes said:

cant seem to figure out how to get my hardscape items to align properly with the surface contours of the model.

A Hardscape can modify the Site Model but not the other way around.

Texture Beds can be used to depict a surface that conforms with the Site Model.


An Aligned Slab aligns to other objects on the Site when they have collinearity in Plan,  eg a step - it will also not be molded by the Site Model but vice versa.

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Does that mean there is no way to represent the thickness of material profiles as they relate to the elevation of the site model? Doesn't this only render the hardscape tool to only work on flat surfaces?

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I may have misunderstood what you're asking but you can slope a slab hardscape of course to have it follow the terrain in a simple way or for more complex manipulation you can use an aligned slab hardscape + click on 'Edit Surface Modifiers' + use the stake + grade tools to really go to town on it. But ultimately you're still dealing with a series of flat planes rather than following the curvature of the terrain so this might not be what you want. What are the materials you are seeking to represent + how would they be constructed in reality?

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