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Drafting Assistance Needed

WHJ Design

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I am a Residential Designer with offices in Durham and Blowing Rock, NC. I am looking for someone who has a clear understanding of Residential Design and Construction with a Vectorworks background to assist me with Construction Drawings on projects.  While it would be nice if they were located near one or the other offices, that is not a requirement - being located within the US is a requirement.  I am NOT looking for a Drafting Service, but rather an Individual I can develop an ongoing relationship with for the design of many residential projects, both in the Raleigh, Durham area as well as the Blowing Rock area.  Please feel free to contact me with questions and I look forward to hearing from competent applicants.



Hutch Johnson 

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Hi Hutch,


I don't know if anyone has written you back yet. I am interested in the position, though I have to say that I'm coming from the entertainment industry, rather than architecture.  I have some basic knowledge of residential construction methods, but most likely nowhere near what you require. I am, however, willing to learn.  A 2nd caveat is that while I'm American, I'm based in Hamburg, Germany, which puts me six hours ahead of NC, though because I freelance that's usually not ever an issue. I have been drafting in Vectorworks since 2006, almost exclusively for theater, with some work doing build drawings for theatrical applications. I would love to be able to provide you some samples of my previous drafting and see if I can help you out, and learn to apply my skill set to another industry.



-Phil Kong

Kong Design Inc.

3-Arch E Aur. Truss.pdf L1-Arch E Light Plot.pdf FBC WD 3D Rev A5.vwx.zip

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Wondering if you are still looking for someone to help you with construction drawings? I am an architect in Vermont with 20 years experience using VW. My experience is primarily with single family residential work but have also done small scale commercial work. Happy to send samples of drawings if you are interested.





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If "being located within the US is a requirement" is cast in stone, then sorry to bother you.


But if you really want an experienced residential designer, I'm one with more than 25 years, 15 years as a design builder of custom homes, fluent in VW 3D CAD use, that primarily provided construction plans for custom home builders, maybe that's more important.


If interested I'm in Ontario Canada.

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