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Windows springing in Section View



Ok. I basically dont have a clue why my drawing is doing this. My windows are mirroring in a Section viewport (see Pic. 1), BUT they dont in 3D Perspective or in elevation sketch mode (see Pic. 2). I dont understand why. It must be a setting problem cause when i insert a different window from another floor in the same place. It doesnt do it. Any ideas, what setting issue it could be? I unfortunately have a lot of these windows as Plugs Ins in my plan. Thank you so much.




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3 minutes ago, zoomer said:

I noticed that in a Project in the past too.

(VW2016/17/18 or so ?)

Just in Sections (or Elevations ?) but not in 3D

I did not find any reason or solution at that time either.

Thanks for your reply. Good to know that one is not alone. I am using 2020 Architecture.  Even if i removed the Plug in/Symbol,  the problem is still there. I have toplan a whole new window from scratch to remove the problem. 

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Did I get it right that it solves the problem when you delete old and insert a new Window

scratch in Top Plan View ?


As for my problem, I can't remember anymore if there was maybe a problem with Walls or not

(which would only effect Sections but not 3D Geometry !?)

and if I already knew at that time that one can delete Wall Peaks.

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