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Origin / coordiantes readout are a mess



VW 2021 - sp1

I have just finished drawing up some 2D details and re-visited a project I was working on some months ago which highlighted the problem.


When I create a template using real world coordinates and set the user origin to align with the internal origin; I always create a layer and class named: z_Shared Origin


On this layer/class I place a Stake Object at the internal origin to show the coordinates, I then open the user origin window and take a screen shot and past this onto the same layer/class, move it close to the internal origin (re-size as needed), then LOCK the pasted image in place.
Once done I then turn the layer off so it is not in the way. - see example below


At any point I can turn the layer z_Shared Origin on and check that the coordinates of the stake object align with the details of the screen captured image pasted in


In the above example the user origin has been moved -84065.0543m to the left and -36915.0233m down to align with the internal origin, thus the coordinates of the now relocated user origin display correctly.


Over the last few years this has proven invaluable when opening a file and finding the user origin has moved, I know what is should be reset to, also when sharing with others is is a way they can check it is located correctly.

In the last few releases the problem of user origin moving all by its self seemed to have disappeared from what I have found.


However I have just opened a project I was working on some time ago and wanted to continue modelling the as-built information.
I updated the file to VW 2021 and  turned on the layer z_Shared Origin and checked (see image above) and all seemed to aligned OK.


I then started to place some as-built setting out points provided and was surprised to see they were showing as negative values.

I placed a new Stake Object at the project origin (internal origin) - see new stake object (shown in RED), the coordanates are a negative value!



I checked the User Origin settings and also the display on the rulers also the coordinate read out (bottom right) all displayed the correct (positive values).
Note: The original stake object has not updated?



Selecting the new Stake Object (or the original Stake object) and checking the OIP both displays positive values.



I tested this with some new files as shown below.


Test 1:
I created a simple AutoCAD file ( 5000x5000m.dwg ) with a circle and square placed at:
   X = 5000.000m
   Y = 5000.000m

as shown below.



1. Created a new blank Vectorworks file and set all layer sacle set to 1:50.

  • (VW 2021 - Dont forget to set a test size for the class until they fix the default fornt size or no test will display when you place a stake object)


2. Imported the DWG file ( 5000x5000m.dwg )

  • Tick change current VW units to match DWG filer units
  • Under Advance set Location to: Centre first import


3. Once imported switch to Top/plan view and placed the cursor over the centre of the circle, coordinates on the ruler and coordinates bottom right displayed correctly
    X/Y =5000m



4. Checked internal origin and all looked OK,  X/Y = -5000
    (Centre of the circle being centre of all graphics / user origin has been moved (offset by) -5000 in both the X/Y to align over the internal origin)


5. Placed a Stake Object onto the internal origin/centre of the circle to check, however this now displayed as negative values?



User origin, rules and bottom right coordinate display are correct but stake object display negative values of X/Y - 5000

Test 2:
1. Created a new blank Vectorworks file and set all layer sacle set to 1:50.

  • (VW 2021 - Dont forget to set a test size for the class until ther fix the default fornt size or no test will display for the stake object)


2. Imported the DWG file ( 5000x5000m.dwg )

  • Tick change current VW units to match DWG filer units
  • Under Advance set Location to: Align with Internal Origin
  • You will be presented with an option saying that you are about to import objects far from the internal origin - Select ( NO ) to continue (as this test we want the objects imported to be place at X/Y = 5000 and NOT centered about the internal origin.)


The graphics were imported correctly, 5000m away from the internal origin.


2. Placing a Stake Object at the circle center displayed correctly, X/Y = 5000

  • The rules and coordinate display bottom right display correct,  all saying X/Y = 5000.
  • Check the Internal Origin which was correct being 5000m away from the graphics at X/Y 0,0.


3. Selected: Tools > Origin > Centre Drawing on Internal Origin (to align/offset everything relative to the internal origin)


4. Checking the rulers and coordinate display bottom right both displayed correctly X/Y = 5000
    but the stake object now displayed as X/Y as a negative value of X/Y = -5000


5. Checking the internal origin this showed X/Y as -5000 which would be correct as it had to relocate everything -5000 in the X and Y axis.



6. The only way to get the Stake Object coordinates to display correctly is to change the internal origin to positive numbers, i.e., X/Y = 5000

  • The stake object now will displays correct X/Y = 5000
  • The rules display correctly X/Y = 5000
  • However the coordinate display bottom right is incorrect displaying as a negative value, as X/Y = -5000


7. Whats intresting is if we check the centre of the circle in the OIP this shows X/Y as -5000 (should be 5000)



There is something terribly wrong with all of this

Test files attached for reference.

5000x5000m.dwg Test 1.vwx Test 2.vwx

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