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Problem importing dwg - when rescale no sight of the file

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I have bene sent a dwg from an architect which says it should be 1:200 at A0.  When I import it it automatically imports at 1:10000.  No problem I thought I will just use teh scale bar to rescale as usual.  However when I import everything disappears.  


I tried zooming out as obviously the file will be tiny now but I can't find it anywhere.  Anybody know why this is happening or how to locate the file so that I can zoom in and move the geometry?

Have attached the dwg.  I am working in VW Landmark 2019.


Restronguet Barton House - TOPOGRAPHICAL SURVEY.dwg

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It's usually because the model is set with a very far away reference coordinate system.

Try selecting all, group it, cut and then paste (not paste in place) and then ungroup.  If it doesn't work, try groping, fit to object, and look in the corners of the section rectangle. The reference point is most likely in one corner and the model in the other. If it's essential to maintain the bigger coordinate system relative tot the model, you can drag the drawing area to the model.

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What version of VW are you using? I just downloaded the file you attached, but need to know your version of VW so if I sort it out then send it back, you will be able to open it. Be very mindful, in general when importing a dwg file you have the option of  importing 'all 2d, all 3d or both'.  I usually import it tile twice.  Once with all 2d to use with my working drawings, then all 3d so I can create a site model. 

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I guess you sorted it out.


Do note that the file is in meters, so you need to set your VW units to match that.  The other thing, because I deal with these imported surveys quite often, it seems that the surveyor did not put one friggin dimension in his file.  This happens often and is really problematic because you need to make sure the scale of the drawing is correct. Often with 'Autobad' generated dwg files you need to multiply the objects in the file by a factor of 12. Not always, but often in my experience.


So...be mindful of that and do make sure that the file matches the scale bar at the bottom left of the drawing.

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