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Questions GetAccPos3D & SetAccPos3D

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Hi All,


I am trying to get my head around manipulating accessories through Python scripts. Ultimately I would like to be able to position an accessory by a criteria such as the accessory name. I wonder if that is even possible as the function reference only seems to give handles to accessory index and not the name, but that is for a later step. 


As a novice on scripting I am getting stuck on getting the GetAccPos3D & SetAccPos3D to do anything at all at this moment. 


First I tried GetAccCount which worked instantly:


crit = "((R IN ['Lighting Device']))" 	

def callback(h):						
	NumAcc = vs.LDevice_GetAccCount(h, 0)

vs.ForEachObject(callback, crit) 		

Then I tried GetAccPos3D, and the script seems to run but does not do anything. I tested the ForEachObject with a test string in an Alert dialog in the Callback, so I am sure that this does step through the lighting devices. Also I tried various combinations of the Accessory index and Cell index, but to no avail. My assumption is that a single cell lighting device would have cell index 0, and in the OIP I can see that the Accessory I am trying to manipulate has #2 as prefix before it's name in the dropdown. So I assumed that the accessory index is 2. Nonetheless I tried many other combinations as well. 


Also I am uncertain on how to handle the fact that this function returns multiple values. 


crit = "((R IN ['Lighting Device']))"    

def callback(h):                       
    outRotation3D, outPosition3D = vs.LDevice_GetAccPos3D(h, 0, 2)

vs.ForEachObject(callback, crit)         

Would anyone be able to push me in the right direction?

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