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Help with Tutorial on data visualization and schematic views


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Hello all,


I am an LD working through a fantastic tutorial I found on YouTube and I have a plethora of questions. If anyone can assist me, I would appreciate it. Mostly I am unable to find the same commands that are shown here, and I wonder if they have simply been moved somewhere else in my version, or if they are in fact removed and replaced by different tools. I am running Vectorworks 2020 SP5. If you can answer any of the following questions, or provide your own methods, I would be grateful.


At 5:53 in the video he makes reference to using data visualization to apply a more grey texture to his lighting devices. My data visualization options are limited to only "Pen" and "Fill" attributes. I do not have an option to change an objects texture as he displays here. Can anyone tell me how to use data visualization to change the texture of 3D objects similarly to how its done in the video? I would like to be able to switch the lights from grey to black rather quickly.


at 6:40 & 11:50 he demonstrates how he has drawn a NURBS curve through a box to create a hanging position with a center line. This solves an age old problem for me because it should allow me to place my lights on the center of a pipe instead of choosing the US or DS edged and attempting to remain consistent. However, when I follow his example and do this in top/Plan view the lights do not snap to the center line (the NURBS curve). Instead if I want the lighting instrument tool to snap to a line I have to go back to smart cursor settings and turn "nearest point on edge" back on. This is a problem because now I can snap to the front and back of the pipe again. This makes consistently grabbing the center rather hard. Further, I cannot get my cursor to turn red as his does and the lights C-clamps are slightly above the pipe rather that centered on it. It is as if they are snapping to the top surface instead of the NURBS line in the center of my hanging position. Is there any way to snap to only the NURBS curve or otherwise center the C-clamp of the lights on the lighting pipe?


At 15:05 he shows off the "remove accessory mode" in the lighting accessory tool. I simply do not have this mode. When I click on the tool I only have a drop down box asking me to select an accessory. I cannot select a "remove accessory" mode. I would like the ability to do what he does here and remove the C-clamps of fixtures at will. I often have to do this by modifying/creating new versions of symbols from the stock lighting symbols. That process is rather labor intensive and I would prefer any other method other than crating a whole new lighting device every time I need a light on a base plate or side arm.



The tutorial in question is here: 


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The Data Visualisation and the hook-clamp features are for VW 2021 I'm afraid.


The nurbs issue is easy to do as long as you do it in 3D. You will notice that the example I gave was viewed from a 3D projection and this would probably be the best approach. 


btw, you should probably post this in the Entertainment forum as this forum is for 3D printing.....

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Well would you look at that... My bad.

I will head on over to the proper forum now. Many thanks.


Edit: just noticed that your the original creator! your tutorial was phenomenal and I utterly love your workflow. Thank you for putting in the time and effort to make this video. I am a lighting design graduate student who is still working on his drafting skills and I feel like you may have catapulted me ahead by quite a few steps. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge. I believe as a student I can update to 2021 so I will attempt to follow along with you again once I have it downloaded.



Conner Jones

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