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I have just begun to use Architect's Notation features, and am very impressed with it. Naturally it will take some adjustemnt from my old ways, but ultimately will be a real timesaver. Consistency is also a nice byproduct of this system.

I have one question regarding the general notes. The Architect manual states that any note can be only 255 characters. I have many existing notes which are longer than this, and I wouild still like to use them. I have broken some apart by sentence to meet the 255 limit, but am unhappy with the outome. Also, breaking apart many of my paragraphs will use up more real estate on my drawings which I am not ready to give up.

Any thoughts, work-arounds, or solutions out there??


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The problem you are encountering is a problem that we are aware of and have fixed in our new version of VectorWorks 8.5.2 beta when this is available the notes will no longer be truncated it will display the entire note. This will be available for download in about a week from our web site at www.diehlgraphsoft.com

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The 8.5.2 beta posted does not seem to support longer notes as promised.

However there is a work around for original problem posted. Blocks of text of any length can be converted to a Symbol for placement in more than one place or on other drawings. "Organise" Menu -> Create Symbol. In the Create Symbol dialogue box, if you choose "options" and check "Convert to Group" the symbol becomes a "Blue Symbol" and can be edited after placement, with the Text Tool.

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