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Spotlight Numbering Issue

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I'm having an issue with numbering instruments in spotlight.  For whatever reason, the lights do not properly increment from fixture to fixture.  This has happened in multiple files, so perhaps its the symbol or maybe its a bug?  


Regardless, I'll include a video to show whats happening. 


You'll see that I set the channel to increment by 1 and the dmx address to increment by its footprint, which is 17.... 



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That being said, I'm pretty certain it is in the symbol itself.   The symbol was originally an auto-hybrid, however I tried to convert it to non auto-hybrid by copying ungrouping everything and copying the 2D and 3D parts..


Perhaps something went strange

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If you share the file or the selection of lighting devices here or as a PM then I could take a look...

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7 minutes ago, markdd said:

If you share the fire or the selection of lighting devices here or as a PM then I could take a look...

I'll have you ask the original file owner...


So I did notice that editing the 2D components had the same symbol within itself. I fixed that so now its only offsetting by 2 and not 3....  Is it possible its selecting the 2D and 3D objects?  I would assume it would indicate 6 objects selected in the OIP and not the 3, which is expected.

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I've never seen that before, however, if you have two or more symbols with the Light Info attached then I think as per the new multi circuit tool in 2020 then what you are seeing will probably happen. Make sure that any nested symbols do not have the light info attached and if you go through that process then you will probably find it works out for you.

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Seems like something got wonky with my conversion from auto hybrid to normal (for lack of a better word) symbol. 

Looking into the 3D components, there was also a symbol within a symbol. 


Fixing this, seems to have fixed my problem.


Thanks for the help, markdd.

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