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New Hardware - Fall 2020 - NVIDIA or AMD

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As I would also use my PC for Linux, I would clearly prefer an AMD card.

From an ethical standpoint I would also choose AMD over Nvidia.


From a pragmatical standpoint,

for using Real Time Renderers that might profit from CUDA or Nvidia's

RT implementation or if I would be a Youtuber and need AI to overlay

my video background, I would choose Nvidia.


OK, I'm a fan of Lisa Su, so I would go for 6800XT anyway.

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Another thing to consider,

to get the full AMD 6000 Navi2 power, you should have

an AMD 500 chipset board and an 5000 AMD CPU.


Otherwise you may end slightly lower in GPU performance

versus comparable Nvidia cards.


I think both are very good and interesting cards because of

the wonderful GPU competition, finally again, since VW 2020.

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Hi Nick,


If you ever think you want to do any rendering - be it via blender/Cinema 4D or right out of VW with Twinmotion or Lumion - I would go with Nvidia hands down.  Modern rendering leans heavy on GPU and it's fastest on CUDA based cards.  If you are just using VW, I'm not sure it matters anymore, but I'm not up to date on AMDs latest offerings for GPUs.  The question will be when can you actually get your hands on a 3xxx card.....

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