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Numbering not advancing universe




I'm sure there is a simple answer, but I can't find it. I am using Spotlight Numbering to address fixtures. I have tried Absolute address and Increment by DMX footprint and when I get to the end of a universe it patches across universes. If I'm at address 505 and I have a 10 address fixture it just patches it to 505 rather than going to 513.

If I go to use DMX Address and I tell it to restart at 512 it works, but It just continues to use universe 1 over again.

What am I supposed to be clicking, because I'm sure it is not supposed to do this.

Thank you

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

This is the correct behavior with the absolute address settings you have specified, since with absolute DMX addresses universe 2 starts at 513.


There is no easy way to auto increment  DMX addresses correctly across DMX universes using Spotlight numbering. With Spotlight numbering you either have to tell it to stop at 512 when numbering automatically or use the manual option and make sure to update the settings when you get the end of a universe.

The DMX patch interface was added in 2020 to deal with this limitation of the Spotlight numbering command. It will correctly address fixtures taking DMX Universes into account unlike Spotlight numbering.
Personally I use either the insertion auto numbering or Spotlight numbering for entering the fixture channel number and then do all my addressing using the DMX patch interface.



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