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Hello lcda:

This should work, I tried with and image bump on a sphere with textures on and colors off and I'm seeing the bump map.  Your rendering has glass showing like it should so it's doing something.  Is the bump too subtle or really large or really small?


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I just gave it a go and it worked for me as well.

There are a few caveats with the rendering set up, and without actually having your file to test, kinda hard to factor in to be apple for apples.

One thing you might check is using the 'size' widget to make sure the image is large enough. My first attempt, rendering using custom RW, did not show any bump.....

When I increased the size of the bump image, using the widget in the setup, it worked like a charm....no color, but the bump was there.

Perhaps this helps. 

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To be clear....what I was pointing out Icda,  was being able to increase the overall bump size in the settings dialogue window....the concrete texture you used was pre-set to 24" within the settings.  IF you wanted it to appear larger, or smaller,  on your surfaces, just change that dimension in the settings. Perhaps you were already aware of this , so excuse my comment if that is the case.




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