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Kerb/Edging Tool

Laura Stone


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some quick thoughts...
I would love to have an edging tool that:

1. Is a defined object type that reported itself to schedules properly.

2. Is easily created like walls or hardscape using “create from object” meaning I draw the edging as a 2D poly line and convert it to an edging object when I’m ready to move the design into a higher level of detail beyond sketching initial concepts.

3. Keeps its relationship to adjacent objects, meaning if I reshape the edging, the adjacent hardscape or landscape reshaped based on that edit.

4. allows for changing edging style after initial creation using profiles like @ericjhberg posted, controlling the relationship of each side of the edging to its adjacent feature.  Sometimes it will be flush other times it may act as a small retaining feature.

5. allows for changing the material it is constructed with via a style and reported volume and linear dimensions.

6. can be sent to a site model surface to conform to any grading design already done and/or have the ability to define that grading design.  Meaning if I lay out a design in 2D and later come in to develop the surface design in 3D, this could be achieved similar to @Laura Stone suggestion.  The edging could have an option like “use edging as site modifier” or “project edging to site model”.


this is another one of those tools we have desired for a while.  Building it properly will make or break it.  I think it would be a great candidate for developing in partnership with customers, like I suggested with stacked walls.  A little bit of guidance from industry pros could go a long ways to making it work well right from the start.  A lot of these landscape tools could benefit from a unified approach to how they behave in relationship to and in defining the site model.  Additionally, having adjacent landscape objects relate to each other, similar to how windows and walls do, could be a great benefit if done well.


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